The form guide designed by professionals & used by professionals

What is a premium form?

Simply the best form available in the marketplace to the racing enthusiast.

How do we back that up?

Benefit 1

All form purchased is colour-coded to the state of the track. Red = Heavy. Blue = Slow. Green = Dead . At a glance, you can seek-out wet track form to professionally determine a horse's preferences for the state of track. A great tool if you have a colour printer.

If you do not have a colour printer, then you can alter the text to black and white. If you print in colour mode on your black and white printer then the wet track runs will display in a lighter colour - and stand out.

Benefit 2

The majority of horses will have a professional video comment for each run of their careers. Areas covered by the video comments are: every TAB meeting in the country . That means, more than 160 meetings per month are individually covered by Premium Form's professional analysts - so you have eyes at every TAB meeting in Australia keeping you a step ahead.

Benefit 3

Third-up form statistics available for all runners. A statastic as of 1/1/05 not available in any other formguide.

Benefit 4

All products will include the last five wins for every runner (if applicable), a crucial statistic for punters to determine a horse's true chances and what class/track/distance they perform best. A service as of 1/1/05 not available in any other formguide.

Benefit 5

In the form, the placed horses also have the barrier they started from, very helpful when comparing runs.

Benefit 6

All form has barrier trial runs from around Australia.

Also, Premium Form will have daily punter-focused news stories to keep you up to date on vital riding changes, gear changes and all issues that affect the punter, certainly an area that the mainstream media neglects.

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